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Yar Hosts: The Peace Pirates

The Peace Pirate Navigator & Captain (Sativa Lee & Jordan V) partnered with local crew & farms/distributors to create this dream turned to reality!

Connectin' farms to tables, artisans to events, & the individual foodie to a plethora of options;
Combined wit' a menu that changes o'er the seasons, inspirations from 'cross the globe, & large portion sizes wit' reasonable prices...
We offer a solution to an on-going issue that we are blessed to address! Food Sovereignty.

If ye so wish to donate to the betterment of The Black Acorn, All doubloons cast towards our journey arrrrre gratefully accepted:
Said "Donate" button shall shuttle ye to a PayPal portal & Conversely, Thar be also a Bitcoin link below for those with coin!


Finally, If ye wish to send funds in a direct fashion, all snailmail must be addressed to:
The Black Acorn
C/O Peace Pirates
72 Union Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520

& To call the Navigator direct, dial: +15418160343
or To call the Captain direct, dial: +15414195115

Current Docket o' events

Event 1
Arriving 2018 local ports

All Venues Shall Be Posted here!

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